About Us

Here at Maximum Wellness we have been helping people and animals to achieve health of mind, body and spirit for over 30 years.

Meet Rachael

Rachael has worked with plants since she was 13 years old. A lifelong passion that has culminated in a profession, practice and lifestyle incorporating herbs and physical wellness into perfect harmony. Optimising physical, emotional and spiritual health is what Rachael strives for in all her work. She aids patients to restore balance, alignment and vitality and creates exciting, dynamic and yet easy to follow courses. Rachael has a deeply intuitive and energetic nature that she brings to the fore in her practice. Expect impression on the senses tasing, plant spirit meditaions and a deep connection to the biological sciences. She loves the space where science and nature entwine.

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Meet Jason

Jason has over 30 years’ experience in his chosen fields of practice. His passion for movement in body, mind and spirit has come from a life time pursuit in martial arts and as such he has developed a deep understanding of how the human body works, moves and connects to the psyche. He offers 1-to-1 sessions from the Maximum wellness clinic in Tring Hertfordshire, he teaches Bagua and develops and creates courses to enable individuals and organisations to reach Maximum Wellness. Max has a strong ability to draw information and listen, his skills in the talking therapies are intuitive and compassionate. Max is an energetic practitioner who utilises a host of modalities to suit the patient. 

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