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Uncategorized Jun 20, 2019

Movement and box rest 📦 🛏

I’m not the biggest fan of box rest. In certain circumstances it’s completely unavoidable. Little tiz just out of surgery with metal pins sticking out her leg for example.

But movement is a key player not only in the prevention of disease/disorder but also in its cure.

Movement keeps

⭐️the central nervous system alive and firing
⭐️the muscles free from fixation and atrophy
⭐️it helps keep the digestive system operating (which also improves a myriad of other systems such as, brain function, absorption, immunity, excretion etc)
⭐️it keeps the mind active and imaginative
⭐️it promotes blood flow and thus injury healing
⭐️it improves joint problems such as arthritis

The list is pretty much endless.

But...also with horses, movement keeps the lymphatic system operating at optimum.

The lymphatic system runs alongside the vascular (blood) system and its job is to handle the movement of lymph. A gorgeous substance that helps to transport and remove waste from the body.

The horses lymphatic system is activated by valves that only open in relation to movement.

Not like humans who can sit all day moving this lovely fluid around 🙂

So any horse on box rest, even if unavoidable needs to be moved.

If they can’t be moved. A good physical therapist can help to move them manually.

All physical therapist should be able to provide an animal with movement. Sometimes this is imperceptible, sometimes it will look like horse yoga. I tend to use both depending on the horses need🙂

So if your horse is on box rest and your vet is happy for me to attend, don’t feel you have to cancel or postpone. Your horse really will benefit from the session and It’s often during these difficult times that the greatest benefit will be had 💕🐴💚


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