Mindful Stretching: where a little can go a long way

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2019

**MINDFUL STRETCHING: Where a little can go a long way**


Bit of a ramble but bear with me and you just might find there's something here that could help transform your life!


From a fire fight of aches and pains, stress and overload, to a freedom in body and mind that might have once felt out of reach. What have you got to lose?


Tension in the mind and body are sometimes not easy things to separate. They can become a confusion, making it difficult to work on either.


Stress and anxiety from a hectic life create tension in the body. The same as aches and pains from everyday activities create tension in the mind. Working at a desk is a perfect example.


Spending hours at a time in front of a computer or desk can result in over tired muscles and joints, which accumulate a great deal of tension throughout the day. This becomes a challenge to dissolve otherwise chronic conditions are the likely outcome.


The same is true of work overload, deadlines, a toxic environment, electromagnetic fields, a piling up inbox. This is a sure fast way to create worry, anxiety and a very unhealthy state of mind.


Sure going to the gym or accessing yoga and meditation will alleviate the build-up of tension but it can sometimes feel like fighting a fire, you may be staying on top of it but it’s still smoldering away, waiting to blaze up again at the first opportunity.


But applying a small bite sized approach is more likely to keep the levels of tension in the mind and body at manageable levels. Better gone before you even finish your working day. Creating more freedom in body and mind to enjoy your free time, enhance your relationships and feel better about...well everything.


By stitching small amounts of mindful stretching into your working day you are reducing tension in the mind and body before it rises to those critical levels. Before it becomes a problem that you have no choice but to deal with.


Mindful stretching encourages you to take small breaks while sitting at your desk or waiting for the coffee machine to cycle in order to stitch a healthy approach to mind and body into the very fabric of your life. Helping you weave a positive mental attitude and positive physical feeling into the fabric of your working day. Enabling your healthy body and mind regime move from an hour session at the gym, Pilates studio or yoga hall to a way of life.


Don't get me wrong all the above are noble and effective ways of approaching mind and body solutions but why wait until the problem has become a problem? Why wait until all that tension has accumulated in body and mind before dealing with it? Instead dissolve it out throughout the day before it becomes so 'loud' its shouting at you that you can hear little else. Leaving you freer to make real progress at your chosen activity without having to work through a forest of stiffness and stress first.


Seems obvious right? But then the simplest of things are often the easiest to overlook.


Enabling you to enjoy your life to the fullest degree is what we are passionate about at Maximum Wellness and helping you achieve this is our goal. Keep a look out for our mindful stretching series and future posts to help you access exactly how to achieve this :-)


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