Herbal Medicine

The natural and holistic approach to health that utilises all that the plant world has to offer. Herbal medicine reaches deep into the cellular make up of the body initiating change in multi dimensional ways. Herbal medicine restores balance to the physical body, reorders the hormonal systems, strengthens and revitalises mind, body and spirit.

The Body

Every system of the body can be helped with herbs. The physical manifestations of dis-ease are many and there remains a herbs to help with all. 

The Mind

Plant remedies have the ability to reach deep into the psyche to balance the busy wandering mind. They offer focus, calmness & strength while uplifting & revitalising.

The Spirit

Herbs work on the energies of the mind and body to provide balance to the whole. They provide vitality and resilience to outside influences, enabling stamina and resolve.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Stronger, Healthier More Vital You

The natural medicines we have available are developed and produced with energy and love. They are dynamic in their application and work on may different aspects of your illness. They are bespoke made and developed with your needs at the fore. The prescriptions we provide are patient centred around you, adapted to your own needs. Thats why we offer regular and specific follow up appointments, we ensure the medicine you are taking is designed for you. 


Tinctures are alcoholic extracts of plant medicine. They are deep and dynamic and provide a relaible method and a consistent dose of medication. They are easy to take and manage, regular and reliable.


Infusions are the teas of the plant world. We provide teas in dried form and the process of making and taking the tea is part of the wellness journey. A time to honour the medicine, interact with its healing qualities and dedicate time to the self. We show you how to make your infusions, the benefits of these medicines and ways to produce your own. 

Creams and Balms

Nourish and soothe, calm and invigorate. There are times in illness and disorder when topical application is indicated. A way to provide medicine to the skin that can calm the fire of inflammation. We provide bespoke creams and balms, developed specifically for your illness and include methods on producing your own too.