Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness

Use hypnosis and mindfulness to escape self-defeating habits, emotions and thought patterns that prevent positive change.


Using hypnotherapy, hypnotic techniques and mindfulness training Max can help with the release from emotional trauma and blockages resulting in anxiety, depression, lack of self-worth and belief. By understanding our basic behaviours and complex emotional drives it is possible to help re-direct thinking patterns, destructive and self-defeating behaviours to allow for emotional growth and regeneration. Hypnotherapy and mindfulness training can help with a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological issues. Some of these include; anxiety relief, negative thought patterns, self-esteem, confidence, performance, relationships, quitting smoking, addiction, PTSD, insomnia, physical pain, OCDs, and much more.   


Living in the 21st century places many physical and mental stresses upon us that we were simply not designed to deal with. Whether this is prolonged periods of time sitting in one position, repetitive tasks or increased stress and anxiety, they all add up to tension & pain in body and mind.