Wellness of mind and body

Consistency in movement is key & stagnation occurs when we fear change.

Outside living


😄The day I really started my own business was the day I opened my first premises. Exciting times!
😍It did not matter to me that blankets hung where curtains were supposed to be. It did not matter to me that the massage couch I I used was my travelling one. It did not even matter that nobody yet knew where i was. All that mattered was i finally had a place of my own.
I remember my first clients in that space as clear as if it were yesterday. I loved the chance of welcoming them in. How proud I was. Every clinic, classroom, office, gym, dance studio and home I had worked in as a physical and talking therapist previous to this day had been an opportunity I felt grateful for. Still do. The experience(s), the people, the talent. Every one of them had brought so much learning, understanding and abundance.
📒But the joy of having somewhere to put my pictures, my books, my oils, my towels, files. A desk! An old one then (still use it now) but a desk to sit at, to work at. A simple recliner so my clients could feel comfortable, could relax easier. These were important to me at the time. everything else came bit by bit as my needs arose (curtains aside, they were pretty important 🙂 The energy of that space. So open, light flooding in. And music! How I love music. And now i could play what was right, what I liked. How i looked forward to enhancing every treatment, every conversation, every relaxing and healing moment with the music of my choice. Now that really mattered and could easily have been my subconscious motivation for opening my own premises 🙂

The Bio.

Jason has been practicing martial arts since his early teens, a passion that he still undertakes on a daily basis. drawing mind and body together as one.

Jason has been working with the structure and function of the human body for several years. In combination with mindfulness work, meditation and hypnotherapy Jason manifests a desire to succeed, health and vitality in everything. 

He has studied several physical modalities including osteopathic techniques, thai massage, neuromuscular techniques, swedish, sports and remedial massage. 

He has developed his skills to include emotional freedom techniques, reiki and TFT. 

The perfect balance between mind and body.

Jason loves his german shepherd dog Oody and walking the British countryside with him :). 


Jason works beautifully with the mind to build a strength and determination that will enhance all aspects of your wellness journey. 


Mindfulness, the power and ability to step in when the busy mind starts to impact our self belief and worth. Jason helps to keep the wandering mind on track.


Jason has spent almost his entire life practicing how the body can stay in tune with the mind. What an asset to any wellness programe.