Wellness for all. 

Rachael gained her first degree in horticulture at the age of 24 and has since gone on to gain several qualifications in the human and animal health industries including, 

PG Cert in Complementary Health Sciences from Middlesex University. 

Level 6 Diploma in Herbal Medicine accredited by The National Institute of Medical Herbalists, Rachael is a consulting medical herbalist.

Level 4 Diploma in Animal Herbal Choices from Rose Holistic Therapy and Training. 

Rachael has a passion for all things herbal health and she applies her passion and enthusiasm to all aspects of her life.

On top of her work and dedication to Maximum Wellness she undertakes herbal walks and forages, workshops and online events. She is a self published author and has produced several successful ebooks. 


Rachaels lesson for living.


"Live with the seasons, in harmony with the changing cycles".


Living simply is key. 

Rachael has been helping both animals and humans to wellness for many years and her career started at an early age. 


"30 years! If i say it quickly its not so bad.

30 years is the length of time it has taken me to expand and grow in to this bloody amazing business, and i love it.


I knew with my first breath that i was destined to work with herbs and later horses, apparently my first word was gee gee. 🙂 My tarot lady thinks so too, she says horses, herbs and I are connected in ways the cards dont normally show.


Herbs, health, horses we have a symbiotic relationship, and life is that little bit emptier without them in it.


Despite it being a wish i made at 17, to work with herbs, i didnt know how to acheive it, it took a long time to find the right pathway.


First (after a mispent youth) i undertook a degree in horticuture under the misguided but heartfelt delusion that i could work with my family. Pah!


Right after my degree i actually signed up to study herbal medicine but after 3 years of full time study, millions of miles of travel, a husband and home, i couldnt face it. I def needed a period without books, i was 25 and needed to work.


A full family later & years of working, studying and pulling the threads of my combined careers together, did this fabulous business manifest.


Maximum Wellness 


Along the way it gathered strength and fortitude and opened the doors to an energetic and spirual life that i have long known and felt but rarely accessed. Far too busy being young and free.

Now though, im connected in ways i didnt think possible at the start, the animal whispering thing was a massive jolt, the plant spirit work, even more so. I wouldnt be without these now though.


Manifesting our businesses didnt happen over a couple of years, for me it was decades of determination and an inability to take my mind of the end result, i did try and life was less rich for it.


Herbs for humans and animals was always the end goal, its just the journey was a little wavy, less tunnel visioned more 'oohhh look at the pretty flowers'.

Isnt life a wonderful distratcion though




Rachael undertakes herbal workshops and online events. Her signature platform is called herbal shenanigans and is run from our sister website Animal Botanical. 

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Rachael has co-authored a book, Seasonal Herbs and has produced a series of ebboks on the same subject. both are available from Animal Botanical.

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Live Events

Rachael undertakes in person events such as forage walks, provides courses on how to integrate herbs into your live and is developing human oriented workshops.

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