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Interconnected - Natural - Energetic 

      Wholesome - Wild - Well

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Human Wellness

At Maximum Wellness we offer a range of options for the human health sphere. Sports massage, remedial massage, deep tissue massage, Thai Massage, hypnotherapy, reiki, meditation, mindfulness practice, herbal medicine and more. 

We develop online courses for stretching and mindfulness in the work place, provide pin point mediation sessions both online and in person. Run forage and herbal events as well as offering traditional one to one therapy sessions.

Maximum Wellness Online

Animal Wellness

Or pets are our everything and at Maximum Wellness they receive the same level of dedication and care as our human clients.

We also develop online courses with our animal friends in mind. including group and online equine assessment and stretching courses, animal herbal choices, remedy blends. and more. On a one to one basis we offer remote animal communication as well as reiki and structural therapy. 

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