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Maximum Wellness for All

We know how the human, animal and plant kingdoms are all interconnected - We simply show you the tools and techniques that enable you to use these for the benefit of all.

FREE Five days to forage

Join us on April 26th for five days of investigating herbs in the local environment. Learn where to find, what to find and how we can offer to our animals or prepare for us. A dip into the natural world for her health giving qualities. 

Hey there, we're Rachael and Jason

We are professionals in the spheres of animal and human health which we have interwoven with our deep connection to herbal medicine, energetic modalities and the natural world. We provide therapy and training for both humans and animals and cover modalities such as medical herbalism, mindfulness and meditation. 

The feeling you get when you connect with an animal, plant or human on an energetic level is addictive and astounding. Imparting health is enriching for all, every single person and owner should have the opportunity and ability to improve their and their pets physical and mental health in ways that are engaging and informative, long lasting, and safe. It’s imperative that we all have the opportunity to live our best lives, full of health, vitality and dynamism for the betterment of all beings.

Would you like to understand your own health better?

Let us help you to understand, engage and rectify health problems before they manifest.

We do it for everyone...

For all those people who are aching to improve their own and their animals health but do not know where to begin.

For all the people who are looking for change which is affordable and engaging with a system that encourages unity and interconnectedness.

For a world which is looking to understand traditional, seasonal relationships with the natural world and its bounty of abundance.

...we can help!

How do those we work with benefit from working with us?

At Maximum Wellness we offer insight and long lasting health changes that are effective and affordable. By utilising the locally available, energetic, earthly and scientific principles inherent in our world today, we can show you a number of health approaches that ensure long term wellness and a shift in thinking towards permanent enrichment and vitality. So there really is something for everyone.

Would you like learn how the natural world can help you and all your family memebers? 

Our mix of modalities are unique to us. We have a lifetime of working in unison with people, animals, and the natural environment and its our pleasure to be able to bring this to everyone. We offer the ability to create a healthy mind and body for yourself, your animals and entire family. We started our working careers on the land and with animals, after many years of study we have come full circle to be able to offer this insight to you.

Maximum Wellness H6 Membership

In the Maximum Wellness H6 membership we teach you how to restore that connection, develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your natural environment and show you how you can restore health naturally. The membership covers all of our modalities from Medical Herbalism to Mindfulness. 

We only open this membership twice yearly so hop on board to learn all about how we can help all members of the family. 

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