‘Go To Your Rooms And Think About What You Have Done’ Some thoughts on self-isolation and Covid19

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2020


I put this post on Face Book, a little Earth emoji followed by the comment ‘go to your rooms and think about what you’ve done.’ It came off the back of a conversation I was having with my partner about why we thought we had ended up in this situation. With Covid19 that is. 


We were discussing a FB vid I had seen of a food market in Wuhan and the notion Covid19 had evolved to jump from one species to another at this market. I was not surprised that covid19 had spawned within this environment. Pythons, cats, rats, bats, dogs, were in cages next to the stations there fellow condemned were being hauled and butchered. Flies buzzed from faeces to lumps of meat to sweaty humans. It left me feeling disgusted and angry.  

I generally steer clear of such vids. Seeing one once left me very shaken. But I was curious to see where this had started. After the red mist...

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E-cigarettes & Vaping - Should We Be Concerned?

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2019

In recent years e-cigarettes and vaping usage has taken off big time in the UK, US and Europe, with over 3 million users in the UK alone. They are currently, if cautiously, recommended as a way of quitting smoking and, more frighteningly, commonly thought of as a risk-free activity by adults and young people alike. This view is beginning to change as statistics and reports are now materialising about their contents and associated health concerns.

In the UK the only studies carried out on their use were conducted on laboratory mice. While I cannot condone animal testing and find it appalling that this is still carried out in the 21st century it is all we have to go on, anecdotal evidence aside. But as of now it is the only testing that has been carried out. The findings showed that 9 out of the 40 mice tested developed lung tumours and cancerous changes in their bladders. Something to take note of but to underline the pointlessness of these tests they are brushed aside by...

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Self Care or Health Care

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2019

As a nation becoming dependent on the health care system is something we seem to have slipped into subconsciously.  A dependency that is symptomatic of deeper issues within our society. Generation after generation have pushed their bodies and minds to breaking point and then simply keeled over, broken, crawling towards that referral to see a specialist or using medication as a scaffold to keep us going.  

Yea, i know! A pretty gloomy view. Gloomy yes! But a view that seems to reflect the subconscious reliance many people have come to have on the health care system in our country. Don't get me wrong. We are very fortunate to have the NHS and there are time in all our lives we are grateful for it's existence, whether for ourselves or for our loved ones. As a nation we are stronger, richer and healthier (mostly) because of it. No the problem, in my opinion, is not with the system but with the way we have come to lean on it for our health and well being. It is as though we...

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Mindful Stretching: where a little can go a long way

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2019

**MINDFUL STRETCHING: Where a little can go a long way**


Bit of a ramble but bear with me and you just might find there's something here that could help transform your life!


From a fire fight of aches and pains, stress and overload, to a freedom in body and mind that might have once felt out of reach. What have you got to lose?


Tension in the mind and body are sometimes not easy things to separate. They can become a confusion, making it difficult to work on either.


Stress and anxiety from a hectic life create tension in the body. The same as aches and pains from everyday activities create tension in the mind. Working at a desk is a perfect example.


Spending hours at a time in front of a computer or desk can result in over tired muscles and joints, which accumulate a great deal of tension throughout the day. This becomes a challenge to dissolve otherwise chronic conditions are the likely outcome.


The same is true of work overload, deadlines,...

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Movement part 1

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2019

Movement and box rest

I’m not the biggest fan of box rest. In certain circumstances it’s completely unavoidable. Little tiz just out of surgery with metal pins sticking out her leg for example.

But movement is a key player not only in the prevention of disease/disorder but also in its cure.

Movement keeps

the central nervous system alive and firing
the muscles free from fixation and atrophy
it helps keep the digestive system operating (which also improves a myriad of other systems such as, brain function, absorption, immunity, excretion etc)
it keeps the mind active and imaginative
it promotes blood flow and thus injury healing
it improves joint problems such as arthritis

The list is pretty much endless.

But...also with horses, movement keeps the lymphatic system operating at optimum.

The lymphatic system runs alongside the vascular (blood) system and its job is to handle the movement of lymph. A gorgeous substance that helps to transport and remove waste from the body.


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